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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  April 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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dogs has one local neighborhood living in fear next. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is fire attacking a warehouse in the city of chester, the flames erupted two hours ago and ravaged the structure in 700
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west third street this is a two alarm blaze the entire roof of a warehouse has collapsed just leaving the four walls standing and we know the warehouse was filled with mattresses but we don't know the commercial name of the facility. one can only surmise that the mattresses held fewer flames obviously it's much too soon to know what sparked the blaze at this hour we do know that police are saying no one has been hurt. just a few miles down the road another two alarm fire was occupying firefighters in delaware county, this at the same time this was the smoky and fiery scene on the 200 block of ridge road in lynn wood. authorities say the three story home was empty when the fire broke out at 9:00 fortunately nobody was hurt there. a philadelphia woman continues to be treated at temple university hospital tonight after she was struck by a police cruiser today in almni and it
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was involved in a criminal investigation when it happened and action news reporter dann cuellar is live at temple university at the hospital dann what is the latest here? >> reporter: well right now the woman is critical at temple's trauma unit and not releasing her name and in her 30s and from the area where this happened and police and witness accounts differ of what actually was going on when the woman was accidentally struck late today. this is your video obtained by action news showing 24 district officers carrying the victim who appeared unconscious on to the back of their police cruiser, her face was severely bloody as she was transported to itemel university hospital and police say the accident happened as police were conducting an investigation. >> during the course of the investigation one of the officers in his car put the car in reverse and at that time a female was behind the vehicle and the police vehicle struck that female. >> reporter: the incident happened just after 4:30 at a small park on kensington and f
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street where the branch of the free library is located wilts describe the horrific scene. >> and smacked her and backed up and that is when they picked her up and she looked like she was dead. it picked her up and then they put her in the car and all. >> reporter: how bad was she hit? >> pretty bad. >> reporter: what happened next? >> they put her in the cop car. >> reporter: some witnesses who declines to be identified say police were in pursuit of a man on foot through the park when it happened. >> somebody else and backed up, she was walking and he was going too fast and they hit the lady. >> reporter: a police spokesman disputed they were actually in pursuit of someone when it happened. >> it was not a pursuit they were conducting an investigation of somebody or attempting to and that obviously became secondary to rendering first aid to the person who was struck. >> reporter: now police declined to say what the investigation was about because they say they may end up picking up the
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investigation again the woman victim by all accounts an innocent bystander who had nothing to do with that investigation. she remains in critical tonight, live at temple university hospital i'm dann cuellar channel six action news, jim. >> and dann i misspoke the accident happened in kensington thank you dann cuellar a black man went on a shooting deadly rampage in downtown fresno california this afternoon killing three white men at random within the span of a minute. and though the shooter was shouting the arabic phrase he is not connected to islamic terrorism and he was motivated by race, they called this a hate crime, investigators are scoring social media post of 39-year-old suspect kori ali muhammad. >> we know that he has some posts that says that he does not like white people and also on that post that he has expressed some anti-government sentiments.
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>> reporter: the police chief says he had been wanting for gunning down a security guard at a motel six last thursday. the nationwide manhunt for the accused facebook killer is over. steve stephens took his own life this morning in eerie pennsylvania just after 11:00. police got a tip from a mcdonald's employee, they recognized stephens when he pulled up to the drive through, he ordered chicken mcnuggets and fries and employees tried to stall him. >> he didn't want to wait for the fridays which was fine but he took his six piece didn't want money back and headed out on buffalo road. >> reporter: shows police on his tail and two mile chase when police performed what is called a pit maneuver stop and stephens pulled a gunshot himself in the head robert godwin's girlfriend says stephens is a coward and she does not have closer. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly attack by a pack of pit bulls against another dog two days ago in omni
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it sounds like the dogs are terrorizing the neighborhood. action news report annie mccormick is there and what are the details on this. >> reporter: jim not only did they kill that little dog but allegedly attacked the owner of the little dog while she was trying to break up the malling in progress. and the police are still investigating and tell us they have issued a citation to the owner of those pit bulls but they remain at that residence and with the owner and several residents we spoke with say they are terrified. the owner of three-year-old cocapoo lola said she did not have a chance and this group of neighborhood pit bulls killed lola easter sunday. >> had her head through the whole fence and the one dog when i made it out there the one dog had her paw, the one had her neck. >> reporter: the owner of the pit bulls allegedly left them loose in this lot and they targeted lola here in her fenced in backyard in the 5200 of north
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american street and lola's side kick survived and they tried to fight off the dogs and rivera was attacked too and they live in fear of the animals and people run when they see them. >> they always jump up on the car if they see them running towards them coming out the door. >> be careful when i let my dog out i peek to make sure they are not in the back. >> reporter: rachel lives on 200 block on wellen street. >> take them before somebody dies not the dog but a human. >> reporter: philadelphia police responded and are still investigating and have issued a citation to the owner for the easter incident, in a statement the animal control and care team of philadelphia says they have issued numerous citations to the dog's owner for other incidents but their officers cannot file dangerous dog cases or legally remove a dog from an owner's property expect in certain circumstances with an applicable
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court order. and a spokesperson tells ac action news they responded to the dogs 12 times in the past year three times in the past month the owner of those dogs is expected to be before a judge may 30th for that easter incident and are unable to reach him today live in logan annie mccormick for action news and jim back to you. closing arguments set for tomorrow morning in the eric frein trial after prosecutors concluded two weeks of testimony and his defense team rested without calling a single witness and frein is facing death penalty of killing a trooper in september 2014 and wounding another. he was captured in the poconos after a 48 day manhunt. the state of delaware and two former governors being sued as a result of that deadly hostage siege at the vaun correctional center in smyrna this past
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february and suit filed by the family of steven flood who was killed in the siege and five other officers who survived and officers attended the news conference today where the lawyers said they are experiencing flashbacks nightmares terror and ptsd. ♪ president donald trump returned to the hard driving economic poplism that he made hiking his signature during his campaign with a visit to kenosha wisconsin and toured snap on inc a hand and power tool manufacturer and signed an executive order that asked the government to propose new rules to stop abuses in a visa program often used by the tech industry and called the directive buy american and hire american. >> this historic action declares that the policy of our government is to aggressively promote and use american made
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goods and to ensure that american labor is hired to do the job, it's america first, you better believe it. >> reporter: action news reporter christie ileto is live at the plymouth meeting mall tonight where she was trying to gauge the degree to which american shoppers think buy american and christie what did you find out? >> well jim a lot of shoppers we spoke with said rarely do they check to see where an item they are purchasing is made but would be willing to spend more to buy an american made product. when you buy things from the store do you look to see where they are made or came from. >> sometimes. it's an after thought made in el salvador, making sure more products are stamped with made in america. >> that is a great concept in theory but it's really a global economy. >> reporter: philadelphia university engineer and
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strategist said thunderland said jobs that left may not come back the same way. >> the jobs that left 30 or 40 years ago in textile industry could come back to america but they will come back as five or ten jobs because we are advancing the technology in this area as well so you won't have as many blue collar workers working on the same fashion apparel line if they came back here to united states. >> reporter: while it would be cheaper to make oversees philly bases common wealth proper is creating johns and manufacturing all of their cloths in the u.s. >> it says forever made in the usa i can look at how it's being made and i can pay the person making it fairly and that whole process the whole from beginning to end is something we believe in. >> reporter: would you pay more money for something that is made in america verse something overseas. >> if i trusted the brand and knew the quality was a greater quality than something imported.
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>> reporter: well jim a lot of shoppers that we spoke with said over all this is a good concept but the harsh reality to their favorite stores or the mall there are not a lot of american made products on the shelves christie ileto with 6abc news. >> thank you eyes of political world are river itted on george sixth congressional district tonight holding a special election to fill the seat vacated by health and human secretary tom price and up start democratic candidate john ssoff is leading the field of 18 candidates and what has been a republican district since the 1970s some pundance a referendum on president trump, if he gets 50% tonight the seat will be his and that would be a stinging defeat for republicans, if he gets less than 50% there will be a runoff with the top republican finishing so with 54% of the vote now continued he has 50
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point 3% of the vote, it will be close. we flew over the ben franklin parkway today to provide an unique view of preparations for the nfl draft next week crews have been constructing a massive stage at the base of the art museum steps for two weeks now, they say that it is ahead of schedule now it's on to the lighting and video and the sound techs to do their set up. new artist rennerings released by nfl give you an idea of what the end result will look like. it is not only the stage but draft activities in and around eakins oval and tomorrow is phase two of the road closers at midnight which is tomorrow or one minute after midnight is tomorrow the inner lanes of ben franklin parkway will shut tween eakins oval and 20th street and all lanes will close beginning monday. and on top of this another path to eakins oval is blocked
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tonight the streets department shut down martin luther king drive at 9:00 tonight that between the art museum circle and sweet breyer drive and expected to reopen at 5:00 a.m. and closer will happen again tomorrow from 9 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and crews are repairing the road and sidewalks and clearing all the drains. the walt whitman bridge is getting worked on overnight part of a 56 million repainting project crews need to install a shield around the tower on the pennsylvania side to protect vehicles from work overhead that will require periodic 20 minute long complete bridge shut downs between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. tonight and tomorrow. there are obviously going to be plenty of potential trouble spots on the road for tomorrow morning's commute and so we urge you to join the action news morning team beginning at 4:30 for live traffic reports. and still to come on action news tonight we are remembering a rashable women and well-known
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philanthropist who made her f e fortune and a freak accident that could have killed him. temperatures above normal for the past ten days yesterday and today and the streak ends tomorrow and let you know how long the cool weather sticks around and the next chance of rain in the accuweather forecast. ducis rodgers extra inning fireworks for the phillies tonight that and more when action news continues. new road closers go in effect ahead of the nfl draft and we will help you around the detours. clouding up and cooling down and we will let you know how it feels tomorrow on action news.
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an off duty philadelphia police officer has been accused of shooting her husband during an argument at their bucks county home as of this evening no formal charges have been filed. police say the shooting happened just before 6:00 this morning in the driveway of the couple's home on marmic drive in p northampton and the husband suffered a wound to his midsection and expected to survive and investigators say the shooting did not involve the officer's service weapon delaware attorney general mat
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denn was inches from being killed this morning in a freak accident when a tree fell on his car and peeled back the roof both he and his son zach escaped without serious injury the two were driving through hockessin when the tree fell on the car on brakenville road at 7:30 this morning. she was perhaps the last grand lady of philadelphia dorrance hill hamilton died at her home in florida at the age of 88 the heiress to the campbell soup fortune was seen in her wide brim hats and often referred to by her nickname dodo and she was a billionaire and gave away millions to jefferson medical center the university of the arts and the kimmel center and avid gardner she was a fixture at the philadelphia flower shop former president george hw bush is in the hospital with a reoccurring bought with
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pneumonia since friday and disclosed today and doctors said the 92-year-old had a mild case that was treated and resolved and spent 16 days in the hospital in january for pneumonia a spokesman says the former president is in good spirits and he should be released soon. let's get the late word from accuweather and metrologist cecily tynan. >> and jim after a week and a half of mild weather we are cooling things down briefly tomorrow. double scan live showing dry conditions out there tonight, not much cloud cover but just enough height in cirrus clouds with sunset shots and captured by ray with his drone and the sunsetting at 7:42 and that is a sunset after a gorgeous spring day, nicest day of the week today. right now there is a little bit of chill in the area with an easterly flow off the ocean cape may matching the ocean temperature of 51 degrees millville a cool 47 philadelphia 51 reading and allentown a little further from the ocean 53
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degrees. satellite and radar showing high pressure north of our area over eastern canada brought loads of sunshine but notice the clouds are starting to invade from the west and clouds filling in as we head through the day tomorrow so the best chance of seeing the sunshine will be during the morning, the morning commute sun with some high thin clouds it will be seasonably cool and good idea for a jacket at 6 and 42 by 58 and the clouds will roll in and 8:00 a good amount of sunshine a few thin clouds to the north and west and look what happens as we head in the afternoon by 4:00 we have overcast skies perhaps a few sprinkles across the poconos and with wind out of the southeast off the ocean it's cooler than today today is 69 and four degrees above normal and tomorrow 61 the philadelphia the same and allentown reading 62 and cape may and atlantic city definitely on the cool side 55 degrees so this cool down is
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brief by thursday we get into the warm sector of the system so that means our afternoon high is 76 degrees. we will see a good amount of clouds with some breaks of sun with this front nearby could get a scattered shower late in the day on thursday night and gets even warmer on friday before temperatures really cool over the weekend. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we start the day with sun and clouds up by the afternoon the high 61 degrees bump it up to 76 on thursday, friday 81 degrees best chance of a thundershower will be early in the day and a cold front moves through you will feel the difference behind it saturday 65 degrees clouds roll in, some rain by saturday night and sunday is looking cool, cloudy with periods of rain and could be a pretty wet day 58 and monday transition day morning showers then some afternoon sunshine, 65 degrees on tuesday partly sunny a little bit on the cool side with a high of 64 so if you like things warm friday
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81 degrees is your day and planning the weekend saturday definitely better than sunday for outdoor activities. >> all right cecily thank you thomas jefferson university hosted a contest this evening by shark tank mindset and circle inc tied for first place and won 10,000 for healthcare related ideas an invention and 6abc community affairs manager niki hawkins had the honor of announcing the winners there were more than 100 ideas submitted for this contest. ♪ ♪
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phillies have been man handled by the new york mets. >> for years. >> it's nice to turn things around a little bit. >> in their park and a big moment for zach eflin and his 2016 season was cut short to injuries and surgeries to both knees and after two starts in the minors he returns to the phillies and mets in the field and phillies strike first and zach wheeler and that is herrera 1-0 phils and with a run already in and a wild pitch and phils down 2-1 and settles down from there and five innings allowings two runs and strikes out four no signs of that knee issue. same count in the eight two on for blanco and comes through with a double that is what we
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believe to be the go ahead run but the ball actually left the field of play, came back and freddy galvis is sent back to third base so the game is tied at two, we eventually go to extra innings. the phillies played four runs in the tenth and daniel was one of the 11 hits of the night and phillies win 6-2 in 10 innings. once again howie kendrick was not in the line up and is on the ten day disabled list with abdominal strain and called up lighter junior and his father pitched in the 90s and mchuldz is not good and will miss 4-6 months after repairing a flexor tendon in his right forearm and a return this season seems highly unlikely and much more ahead in sports the eagles talk about setting goals for 2017.
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first off season workout program this is strictly voluntary and limited to strength and conditioning activities and this is year two of the doug pederson and they finished 7-9 last season and the soup e bowl is the ultimate prize the eagles know they have to accomplish other things first. >> goal one is to win a division and the first thing that coach pederson talked about since he got there to make the next step we have to win the division and we believe in the guys we have and showed in the games that were so close last year and we are right there in a lot of the
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games and have to learn to take the next step and maturity step and learn to finish and close the games. >> reporter: nfl draft is next week and we invite you to join us for action news special draft preview party and examine the eagles option and espn will join us at 7:30 p.m. sixers robert covington had surgery today to repair a meniscus tear in his right now and will resume basketball by the summer nhl and william carlson with a shot off the board and stays with it and that is a goal and columbus remains a live with a 5-4 victory. that is sports. thank you ducis rodgers and bucks county middle school student on a mission to feed people around the world mattie hoffman was joined by pennridge north middle school and
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organizations of the organization stop hunger now and boxed up 10,000 meals after school under mattie's leadership the school raised thousands of dollars to purchase all the ingredients and the food will be donated to pennridge fish and other organizations that help people in need. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by night line and we have katerine hagel and rob delaney and music from dream car action news continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell and tamala edwards and karen rogers and dave murphy and for cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire news team i'm jim gardner.
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today is april 18th. if you haven't sent in your tax returns or filed for an extension, you will soon be off to federal prison. this has been a message from the internal revenue service. up your ass since 1862. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- katherine heigl. from "catastrophe," rob delaney and music from dreamcar. and now, stay put, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm


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